The King Of All Lifestyle Businesses

The King Of All Lifestyle Businesses

Lifestyle businesses have been at the forefront of entrepreneurship for the last decade. And why shouldn’t they be?Lifestyle businesses are the idyllic life crafted for the independent, experience seeker in all of us.

A typical lifestyle business is:

-Location Independence.

-Keep Your Own Hours.

-Traveling the world.

-Even the ability to work from exotic beaches.

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Lessons Learned From 3 Years Of Doing Business In Beijing

Beijing is the tech start-up capital in China and Shlomo from Start-up Noodle has been living there for almost 3 years now. In this episode Shlomo shares with us everything that he has learned from his time in Beijing. He even calls Beijing “The Silicon Valley of China”.  Watch this episode to find out what tech start ups are doing in China and all the opportunities that exist in China’s capitol.

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A Member Review Of Our Enter China Program

In this episode we invited one of the initial members of our EnterChina program onto the show to give a candid review of the program and what it has done for him. Doing business in China can bring a lot of unknown challenges and we are constantly being asked about our program and what it can do for people.  So we decided it would be best if you heard about it from a real life member.

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