How To Outsource Physical Product Design


In this video Tim discusses how we outsource the design for our new physical products. Lets face it, we’re not designers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t design really great looking products with a little assistance. This video walks you through how we connect and communicate with product designers from around the world. This is the first step in getting any physical product manufactured.


Beware of the Chinese “Yes”


In this video Nick addresses the common occurrence of the Chinese ‘Yes’. How to know when the Yes actually means Yes and how to make sure that you do your due diligence to cover your back side.


Have you thought about manufacturing a product in China?

Check out our community dedicated entirely to manufacturing YOUR products in China.


4 Tips to Build Strong Relationships with Chinese Factories

In this video Tim breaks down the 4 things you MUST know when building a relationship with Chinese factories. Doing business with Chinese factories and there is definitely a wrong and right way to handle things. In this video, learn how to stay above board, walk away with what you originally wanted, and still maintain your great relationship with your supplier.