First Thing to Know Before Manufacturing in China

In this post we talk about the most important thing to know before getting into manufacturing in China.

It’s not an easy business model, but for those that are willing to do the hard work the payoff is worth it.


The China Wantrepreneurs Pre-move Guide

5 questions to ask yourself before you move to China to start a business

Moving to China to start a business is not the easiest decision to make and it’s certainly not a decision that should be made on a whim. The decision to move to China should come after much contemplation and significant consideration.

For Tim and I, we made the decision to move to China a few years back and we can remember now the doubts and fears that we had. We wanted to help our members work through some of those doubts and fears with providing some insight into asking the right questions.

Luke Francis is currently moving to China to start his watch company and has just had to  work through some of these doubts and fears. We thought who better to walk us through the questions to ask yourself before moving to China to start a business than someone who has just gone through that process.

With that, the floor is yours Luke.

By the time this blog post is published I’ll probably have just landed in Hong Kong or on my way to Shenzhen where I’ll be living for the foreseeable future. It’s been a long and strenuous journey to get here but completely worth it.

It’s funny most of the strain wasn’t the business side of things. Sure, thinking through the minutia of my brand, managing freelancers, designing a watch with no previous watch design skills, and setting up the proper marketing channels were all plenty tough. But that was all the expected part to starting a business.

What was unexpected was all the questions I asked myself and worried myself with before committing to actually move across the world from little Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

As international as I thought I was this southern boy wasn’t going to jump in head first until I had thought through everything. But a lot of it was needless worrying, because when I started asking these questions, and then consequently answering them, I began to realize there was a reasonable answer to all my worries.

So, if only to provide 1% more encouragement and push as you decide to move to China to start a business I’ve compiled the top 5 questions that I found myself asking as I made my move. If you really consider each of these questions I’m sure you’ll see yourself asking these same questions.

When you get done reading and you feel that one of your questions wasn’t addressed in these 5 shoot me what your question is in the comments.

Alright, here’s my top 5…

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Manufacturing In China ‘Right Now’

In this episode, we discuss why manufacturing in China has become ‘The Perfect Storm’ for entrepreneurs and product developers. With all of the resources and tools that exist there has never been a better time to manufacture your own products.

Don’t agree with us?

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Manufacturing in China ‘Right Now’

Tim Nybo: Hey Guys, it’s good to see you again. I know it’s been a while since we’ve been posting full-time here on The Elevator Life, but I am excited to announce that we are back, we’re going to be back in a regular schedule posting a lot of videos with a small minor change: all of our content, from here going forward is going to be focus on manufacturing in China and going through the product development process. Why is this? Because that is exactly what you guys have asked for, in all of your emails it is clear that everyone really wants to know about manufacturing in China and how to go about actually bringing a product to reality and to the market.

There’s been another slight change, another reason why we haven’t been posting regularly here on The Elevator Life, that is actually because Nick and I have actually relocated, currently I am in San Diego based full time working on my start-up Vincero Collective and Nick is based full-time in Hong Kong working on a very exciting hardware product incubator, more to come on that I am sure.

But, guys, going forward, as I said, we’re going to be… uh… totally focused on manufacturing in China and so I wanted to keep this whole video series off with why right now more than any ti… any other time, is The Perfect Storm when it comes to product development and manufacturing in China.

Now, there are a million reasons this is the case, but I’m going to go through a few of them right now. First off, China has never been more accessible and I mean this from all angles, accessible if you’re a beginner and you’ve never been to China, it is never been easier to actually take your first trip there, to actually meet with manufactures. I know people have been doing this for decades, guys, but… I mean, look at… look at the thing like, the US has just passed the 10 year visa for people in China, I mean this are all signs that it’s never been more accessible working with China.

Number two, and this is way more important, the Chinese factories themselves are way more open into working with small start-ups and entrepreneurs in the product development space and this is huge because going to the actual product development space unlike ordering OEM products, that can be a long and drawn-out process, and in our experience over the last few years, we have seen a drastic change in a lot of this manufacturers’… willingness to actually go through the product development process, help you actually bring your personal idea to the market place, and that is massive, guys, that’s… that’s massive, it really opens it up, like I said, to beginners.

Third: Crowdfunding. I’m sure everyone that’s listening right now has heard of crowdfunding, knows about Kickstarter, knows about IndieGogo, and is not only us, tons of entrepreneurs, beginning entrepreneurs, have seen massive success with crowdfunding platforms. So why is this so important? Back in the day, even if you go back five, ten years, the resources that were required to bring a new product, just an idea into fruition, was massive, guys, the minimum work quantities that you would have to make, the time that you would have to put in, without even knowing if the product was going to be a success, that was tremendous. Now, with the crowdfunding platforms as they exist today, that is no longer relevant, and one of the most important things about that is… there might be a market place for a product that you’re developing, maybe you have seen other people reaching, uh, a market place and they are finding success, but crowdfunding actually… I think this is more important… shows you if you personally have the ability to reach your target market. There might be a market there, but what a lot of entrepreneurs find is that even if they have the product, they can’t reach that market not matter how hard they try. Crowdfunding Is the perfect way to test the market, guys, this is all leading into why it is The Perfect Storm.

Third, guys, you have a lot more access to people that have been there and done it before. Go back five years; if you wanted to manufacture a product in China, it was murky water. Who would you reach out to? Who would help walk you through the process if you’d never manufactured anything? There are a lot of sites, our site included, that has experts inside that you can really talk to so you don’t have to go through this process by yourself, which can hopefully, hopefully sure up and protect yourself from all the pitfalls that can happen.

Guys, finally, there are so many other resources. I mean, uh, e-commerce platforms that make it, uh, easy for beginners. You don’t have to be a web developer to get a site up and off the ground. There is 3PL, meaning delivery services that not only deliver in countries like the US, Canada and UK, but they deliver worldwide and all of this platforms are better than they’ve ever been.

So, guys, in this welcoming video I hope that it is apparent that right now is The Perfect Storm when it comes to manufacturing in China and going through the product development process. Even if you’re a complete beginner and I hope that you can see how exciting I am about this refocus on manufacturing for The Elevator Life community going forward.

We have some pretty exciting announcements at the end of March; we will be opening the Enter China community which is actually focused on manufacturing in China and bringing your products to the market successfully. So, keep an eye out for that and I hope to see you in our next video.


An Interview With a Tech & App Entrepreneur in China

Today’s episode we interview Archit Hari, an entrepreneur in the tech, software and app development space in China. He recently moved to China and he discuss the rapid growth of his market and what he has learned in both life and business in China.

1:15-The excitement in his market
2:20-Life in China and the advantages
3:50-Working in China and with Chinese people
5:45-Learning Chinese culture
7:30-Tips for entrepreneurs in China
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Video Transcript

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