How To Sell Your Products China

In this episode, the guys discuss one of the biggest questions surrounding China today-How do I sell to the world’s largest market?  They discuss rule #1 of all sales, as well as go into detail about what makes the Chinese market so unique.


Why Our First Business In China Completely Failed

Today I shot a quick little video rant about my first business venture in China and why it was a complete and utter failure. Specifically I discuss why it failed, how much money I lost, and what I walked away with. Check out the video to learn how you can turn your biggest failure into your biggest success!

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A Bootstrappers Budget For China

In this episode, we discuss your ‘bootstrappers’ budget for visiting China. We always preach how essential it is to get your butt if you are interested in pursuing business here. It’s essential. With that said, most people in the start of their business are strapped for cash. So just how much does it cost to take a trip to China?

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